Monday, January 15, 2007

School Shoes

Today I faced the task of taking Carly to buy her first pair of School shoes. I had feelings of sadness and excitement for her, I can't believe how quickly the last 5 years have gone. It just seems like last week she was rolling over for the first time.
Of we went to Knox City Shopping centre, my whole idea was to go alone with just Carly, because Bruno had the day off and Maddy could stay at home with him. As we were about to leave Carly asked if Maddy could come. Well that mad it even a bigger job. Maddy was very grumpy. So off the 3 of us went. Carly has a wide foot, it was so hard to get a pair that had velcro across the top, so she could do them up herself and with a wide fitting. Firstly we went to Williams where they suggested that I buy her a size bigger, size 12 and put inner soles in her shoes, but I couldn't do that because it made her feet look bigger. So we then went to Myer and they had the perfect ones, but by this time Maddy kept screaming that she wanted her school shoes and kept trying to put them on her feet! When I explained that she did not need them yet, she threw everything in site! She was that bad everyone kept looking at us and I kept trying to pretend she was not with us. She was that bad that the lady serving us commented that she could not believe how calm I was! I thought well welcome to my world!
I cannot believe how old Carly looked in her new shoes. She was so excited she had to wear them home!
Now I have to do the enduring task of labeling everything. But how on earth are you suppose to label School shoes?
Well I have 2 and a1/2 weeks.
Tomorrow is suppose to be 35 here so I think I will take the girls to the pool.
I am busy tonight getting the kits ready to be sent out.


~Bek~ said...

The pool is a wonderful idea.

Ha.. funny shopping experience NOT!
Still you handled it well... and that is all we can ask of ourselves somedays.

Especially when its HOT.


Tammy said...

Hi Michelle,
I got my goody bags that I won from you in the Jan blog comp and Oh my goodness, Its an amazing array of stuff thank you so much for such gorgeous and generous prizes