Monday, January 22, 2007

January Page Layout Tips and Ideas

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I have just gotten back from a lovely weekend at my parents. They live on an Island on the Gippsland Lakes, which is about a 3 and a 1/2 hour drive, you go to Paynesville and then you have to catch the Ferry across. It was so relaxing and really nice to spend some quality time with my parents.
We left on Friday, but before we left we had a party to go to, so I packed up the car and had everything ready. The party finished at 5.30, so I was a little bit worried about leaving late because I did not want to drive the back roads in the dark. So just as we are about to leave, Carly and Maddy start begging me if their friend Charlotte, who is a whole 5 years of age can come. My instant reaction was NO. They looked so sad, not to mention the look on Charlotte's face. But me being selfish was thinking, how could I have another 5 year old to look after and what if we got there and she wanted to go home? So I strapped the girls in the car and was just saying Goodbye to my dearest friend George ( Charlotte's mummy) when I felt this gust of guilt and thought to myself, hey it is not all about me, so before I know it I've asked if she could come! Well, they where so excited, George rang her DH to check he had no plains for Charlotte for the weekend ( not that I think this would have made any difference because they had now all jumped into my car) Anyway he was cool with this. So off I went with a 3 year Old and 2, 5 year Olds. As I got on the Freeway, I though Gee I can be absolutely mad sometimes, And kept thinking of all the what if's and could only see myself having to return the next day. I tell you what the car ride itself was interesting, there was no way possible I could have fallen asleep at the wheel with all the laughter they had. We got there safely at 10pm. That night the girls did not go to sleep until Midnight and as I lay awake I kept thinking of the 3 tired girls I would have tomorrow.
But they all slept well until about 2 am. I had decided I would sleep in the room with Charlotte just in case she woke up. But Carly and Maddy thought they might be missing out on something and both decided they wanted to better Charlotte and sleep in the same bed with me! Was a very cozy sleep.
The next day they where fine, to mine and my mothers surprise. Dad took them out to see the Koala's and Kangaroos and to feed the ducks and then we went to my Brother's for lunch. They didn't fight they all played so well. I kept thinking when is this going to end and poor Charlotte will want to go home.
The next day Dad took us out on his boat, they loved to watch the Jelly Fish and all the other fish swimming around. Then out for lunch and then back home again for a swim. So by now you would think that poor Charlotte who has only just turned 5 would be so tired and want to desperately go home. No, she said when I asked if she wanted to go home, so I explained that we would have to go home the next.
So this morning I get up and get Charlotte ready, because Carly and Maddy are staying an extra day to have some quality time with the Grandparents before school. Poor Charlotte was devastated she wanted to stay! She told me she did not want to leave her Nan and Pop's (she had adopted us).
I can't believe how well behaved and brave she was! She never asked for her Mummy or Daddy and never cried. The only time she asked to go home was when she had a tiff with Carly about a doll!
So now I feel good. I am so glad I changed my mind. But poor Mum and Dad I have left hem with 2 very tired girls, because Charlotte slept a good length of the trip home!
I will post some pics of the weekend up tomorrow when I download them.


Megan Thompson said...

Hi Michelle,
I left a comment on your previos post about labelling school clothes but for some reason it didn't come up. As a teacher I know how important this is! There is a web site called '' that has labels for everything...including shoes! Just though you might be interested.
Megan Thompson

~Bek~ said...

That is gorgeous... a gorgeous weekend.
Cute girls, sweet Charolette!!
And then home to a day of peace and quiet.