Sunday, January 7, 2007

Last Day of Competition

The Correct answer to yesterday's question was 10 Bazzill and 10 patterned Cardstock.
The winner to have the first correct answer was Tammy James, Congratulations!
This was supposed to be our last question but I have decided to throw in an extra question, but this is a personal one. The first person with the correct answer wins.
Ok the question is....
What are the names of my children and my husband?


Ruey said...

Hi Michelle, my last shot at this fabulous comp...

Your DH name is Bruno
Your kids are Carly and Maddy

Now off to cross my fingers and try to sleep!

Leanne said...

Maddy, Carly and Bruno

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle

Your Hubbys name is Bruno and your little kidlets are Carly and Maddy

Ally Nicoll

Tammy James said...

Daughters Carly and Maddy.
Husbands name is Bruno.
If I am by chance the winner of this one please RAK the 4th person tho answer today : )

Just a random number : )

Megan Thompson said...

Your two girls are called Carly and Maddy and your husband's name is Bruno.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Your husband's name is Bruno and your children are Maddy and Carly.

Oh how I would love to win!!!!


Kelly Turner said...


Your children's name's are Maddy and Carly and your DH name is Bruno.