Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Countdown Begins

Only 2 more sleeps until Carly starts school and she is just so excited (I am very anxious). Poor Maddy, who is also starting 3 year Old Kinder on Friday doesn't understand why she has not got new pencils and books, and wants to know where her uniform is!
Today we labelled Casrly's books and pencils, I really had to keep an eye on Maddy, I caught her on several occasions trying to get into Carly's Crayons and try to draw pictures for her. Poor thing, but her time will come soon enough, probably a little too quick for my liking though!..LOL.

We have now officially sold our Campervan and bought an On-Site Van at Lake Eildon, which desperately needs work. We actually had no intention of doing this at all, until we went to see my Brother-in law who has one and next minute I know, we are looking at ones that are for sale.
It needs a lot of work but the position is great. We are 2 sites up from Mario and one of my neighbours is his Sister-in law and the other neighbour is her Brother-in law. All a bit confusing hey! and could probably sound very scary for some.

I am currently editing the pictures for our Sneak Peaks, this will start appearing up on the site and here on Thursday. We also have some great subscription offers for the month of February.
Will update you more soon.

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Sarah said...

HI Michelle,

Ohh good luck on Friday, i will be thinking of you..

Harry was a bit upset about the books to so i went to Officeworks and brought a few cheaps pencils, and crayons and a big scrapbook and put them in a back pack for him. Of course i had to cover the scrapbook in contact as well...LOL He is a happy boy now and they are special activity for us to do together when Reebkah is at school..

The van sounds like a greet idea. Great to be surrounds by family. I am sure you will have the van looking nice and girly and homey in no time..lol