Sunday, February 25, 2007

Our 1st Fishing Trip

Bruno was working this weekend, so I decided to take Carly to Eildon ( Maddy was already there with Bruno, because she wants her other home to disappear). I headed up Friday afternoon and Bruno came back once I got there. The weather was nice, but it was that in between weather, when it is quite nice, but not hot enough to swim, but a waste to do nothing. So I had this great Idea to take the girls to visit the fish at the nearby trout farm. I had never actually been to a trout farm before and actually thought it was a bit like a fish zoo, where we could go feed and just watch. When we paid to get in the guy asked "So how many rods do you want." Here I am thinking, oh! okay Michelle just go along with it, I reply "Just 2". Then he says "I will just get you some bait", well this has struck an alarm bell, and straight out I have said, "Um, if it is worms please don't, I just can't do that", he replies, "Don't worry it is like a putty you roll up and put on the hook", I go "Oh Ok"!, Then he explains the different areas to fish and tells me that at the BBQ area we are more likely to catch something, but if we are really stuck we can go to the area called the desperado area, where we are guaranteed to catch something. But I am just trying to be polite, I don't really want to tell him that I don't care to catch a fish and all we want is to see them and maybe feed them, but I have actually realised at this point that this is one way they actually make money, by selling us the fish we catch. So I then politely ask, if it is possible for the girls to feed some fish and if they can see them anywhere. So he hands us a bucket of pallets and tells us to feed them at the desperado pond. Of we go straight to the desperado pond ( not thinking that we don't want to feed them yet, because we might need to catch one later) we feed them the whole bucket and then of we went to the BBQ area. I got both rods ready and we had a little fish ( can't believe that I remember from those few times Dad used to take me when I was about 5) But the bait came off too quickly and we soon got sick of this, so I decided that we would go fish in the desperado pond. Back we went and set up our rods again. But we still got no fish, they kept swimming past our bait, then the guy explained to me that it was quite possible that they where no longer hungry because we had already fed them and suggested that we use a net. A net, well we could not even do this right and he had to even help us with this. He caught 2 and then we went inside and he was cleaning them up, I was really trying to be quite brave about all this in front of the girls. So just as I was about to pay and put it all behind me I see this thing just jump down , it was a Huntsman spider. Now this is probably my biggest fear factor. I was really trying not to go into panic overdrive, but he could see the look on my face and tells me not to worry they constantly jump down from the ceiling. At this point I look up to see about 10 of them there, well this was it for me, I told him I have such a fear and would have to wait outside for him to bring the fish to me, as I am running, he says, oh that's nothing I found a snake out there today! So that was my true adventure, don't know if I will be hurrying back there again! But the girls were so excited, that they had 2 fishies and want to go back again. I don't really think I could handle the spiders more than anything. But I hope you enjoy these pictures.

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Tammy said...

Hi Michelle,
While I certainly do not mean to make light of your fear I am laughing about the spiders. TFS