Thursday, February 15, 2007

How Time Flies

I can't believe how quickly this month is going. Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Hope you had a nice day. When we got up and went downstairs, Bruno had left me a bunch of flowers and a card. The girls wanted to know what the occasion was, so I explained, which then led them to this great ( or not) idea that we should have a party that nice. But we had such a busy day ahead, Carly needed to go do her Prep testing, I had a Physio appointment, Maddy had an appointment with the Speech Therapist and we had groceries to do! So off we went to get it all done, and me not ever wanting to disappoint the girls found myself late yesterday afternoon at the party shop to get balloons and decorations for the table. This is what we came up with. Bruno was quite pleased when he got home because we had also baked a cake and cooked his Rack of Lamb. That was a big effort in itself, because I absolutely hate cooking, especially when 2 little girls don't eat it! But to my surprise they did. So I was a very happy Mummy. All cards are being charged today and a busy weekend planned to pack the kits. March kits have now been sent out to the design team, nice and bright and funky! Now need to look ahead at April, yes April!
Anyway, hope you have a great Day.

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