Monday, February 19, 2007

Feeling on Top of Things!

I have spent all day packing kits, and it was really warm here today so, got to do a bit of a workout. I needed them finished by 3 so as I could take them to the Post Office whilst Carly was at dancing. But thankfully for a very few times it does happen, everything went according to plan and they where all packed and posted. So you can now start to stalk your postie.
Bruno has gone to Eildon to do some more work as he has the whole week off work, and to my surprise he took Maddy with him. So I guess I just achieved the ordinary when you don't have a 3 year old at your feet! He rang tonight and all she has done all day is ask him when she was going horse riding. I bet he gives into her and takes her in the morning. Doesn't help the fact that I reminded her about it tonight on the phone. Ha! but it is nice knowing that he can have some quality time with her and face the realities of my life!
Carly and I have also had some quality time, we had a picnic for dinner in the backyard and then ate Ice creams on the Trampoline. I must say it was such a nice time, we lay and looked up at the sky. I can't believe how much she is growing up.


Marianne said...

Wow - you have been busy! Not much to report from me. I am going to a crop Friday night at Scrapability. I start to teach the new beginners series of clasees in a few weeks. Talk soon.

Willisa said...

Oh Michelle!!! Ice cream on the tramopline sounds awesome!! I can't wait to do that with my girls!!
Glad to hear all is well, can't wait to get my kit!!!