Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just had to Share

This weekend we went of Eildon, and I must say I had such a nice time with the girls. poor Bruno didn't get to do much except work, but I must say it is starting to look a lot better.

So Today some other friends who also have a cabin near us asked the girls and i to go horse riding. I just said yeah, thinking it would just be a spectating event. But when we got there the girls straight away put on their helmets. Carly was all for having a ride, but Maddy insisted she would just watch. So we tried to get Carly on a horse, but fear overcome the poor girl and she had to get off. then Maddy said that she would like to sit on Banjo ( the horses name) but insisted him not to walk. So up she sat, then I thought I think she could have a little ride, so I told her we just had to move to the side, well she was fine, she loved the little walk and then asked for more! So I lead her around the park. She was so happy and I was so proud of her, only 3 and a half. She did not want to get off. She is so good.
Have a great day.

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