Wednesday, February 21, 2007

1 Week left of Summer

I cannot believe we only have 1 week left of Summer. Before we know it the weather will change dramatically change and instead of going around in the lightest possible clothes, out will come our woolly winters and boots.
This also means that you only have 1 week left to take advantage of our subscription offer for the month of February. For those of you who are not familiar with this then here are the details again;

Sign up for a subscription for 3 Months and receive 10% off your 1st Month.
Sign up for a subscription for 6 Months and receive 25% off your 1st Month.
Sign up for a subscription for 12 Months and receive 50% off your 1st Month.

But for those who are already a current subscriber we are also offering you this great special. All you have to do is have a friend sign up and you both will receive the discount.
Just ensure that when you place your order that you are taking up this offer and if you are a friend of a current subscriber please include their name.
Alternatively for those that are a current subscriber and would like to extend their membership, they will also receive the discount for whichever length of time they wish to extend their subscription for.

I cannot believe the weather tonight. I have come up to Eildon to pick Maddy up ( Here's thanks to wireless Broadband!) We went to the pool this afternoon and then the weather did a big change, it was even hailing, I wish I had my camera connection here do as I could share with you how the lake looked when the hail hit it. Will upload this as soon as possible. After the hail ended Carly and Maddy thought it would be fun to jump in the puddles. I could not stop laughing, they both fell over and where covered in mud!

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