Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One of my Biggest Fears!

As the girls have gotten older and gone of to School and Kinder I have constantly worried about head lice. I have been so paranoid always tying their hair up and spraying it with Tea Tree oil before they leave. I even request at school and kinder that they NEVER share a hat. But today, the day Maddy goes to creche and the day I have planned to try t o catch up on work my night mare unfolds. After dropping the girls off I quickly went to the Supermarket, I had planned every minute of the day, exactly what I needed to get done. My phone rings and it is creche, Maddy has Head Lice. I felt sick, I had no idea what to do, so off to the Chemist to get everything, and then I went to pick her up. I was horrified! I had no idea. So I spent the whole day treating her hair. She has really thick long hair, it took me 3 hours to comb it. I don't know how many loads of washing I have done. I have even treated my own hair because she has slept with me the last 2 nights. My friend George dropped Carly home after school so I also treated her hair, but found nothing when I combed it through. I just hope she doesn't get it.
So that has been my day and a real welcome to reality of school years for me! I hope tomorrow is a better day for me.

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Sarah said...

Hello Darls,

arghhh head lice, welcome to my world.....

i will let you know what i do now

Only ever in a ponytail plaited. If it is not it is too easy for them to fall into the hair,..

when doing the hair i spray it with condtioner, tee tree, eyclaptus all mixed up in a water bottle. i also spray her hair lots and lots with hair spray, after it have been put up. So it will be quite hard. there is nothing thme for the little bugs to grip on to..:)

i only wash her hair on a Friday night. When it is wet i run the head lice comb through it and check for eggs. this can stop an infestation. I do however midweek rinse it off and condtion it again just to clean off some of the product..

Michelle, i know it is awful but there is serioulsy nothing we can do about it but try and prevent it.

Dont forget to re treat in about 7 to 10 dasy incase you ahve missed any eggs.... actually is you condtion her hair you can run the comb through daily just to checkor eggs. just random and for about 10 minutes. I find that can help as well...

Good Luck and chat to you soon