Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Long Weekend has passed!

We have just had a long weekend here in Victoria, it was made extra long because Carly had no school on Friday so we wen toff to Eildon to have some nice family time.
But I could not believe it, I woke up 5am Saturday so sick, like I had the worst hangover, but I knew I had only had 2 glasses of wine the night before. So all day I spent in bed, tried to go out for dinner on Saturday night but had to go home after an hour and this continued all day Sunday and Monday. So what a waste when I really wanted to do somethings nice with the girls and Bruno. I felt so bad, but it did get me out of going fishing again!
Anyway today I have felt a bit better. Maddy has gone on another Holiday to my parents for a few days, she could not wait to get there quick enough! So it is really me and Carly all week, Bruno is working some bad shifts. Carly loves the one on one attention. Today after school we went to the shops and had an ice cream she kept asking me if she could have a double one. I kept saying Ok if you think you can have 2 scoops. But when we placed our order she says, No the one that has the 2 cones together, she wanted a real double one. so being nice I said okay, thinking I am going to score some really left over Ice cream here! But to my amazement she ate it all, and told me see now I can have one all the time! When we got home she asked me to ring her Poppy to tell him she could eat Ice creams like he can! How cute she really is growing up!

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