Monday, April 16, 2007

We finally caught 3!

We came back from Eildon yesterday, cannot believe how quick the holidays went. Carly has now started term 2 of her 1st year of school.
I have spent the last 3 days catching tadpoles with the girls. Anyone who saw us would have thought we where absolutely crazy! Here I was in a muddy pond with my jeans rolled up, feet emersed in water, scooping buckets of water up and then checking for tadpoles. Other kids in the park also joined us and I was a star, with them all asking, "Michelle can you get some for me". Anyway I would have thought that it was enough fishing for us. But they did not forget about the good old Trout Farm(which I have desperately tried to forget about after the spider incident). Oh no! they definetely did not forget, so on the way home we stopped at the Trout Farm in Buxton. But it was great, there was no spiders and we could fish, even the girls can now get the bait on the rods. Unfortunately the fish kept getting the bait of our rods so we did not get any. Then I had a great idea that if we threw some food in the water they would all come over and I could scoop them up in the net. Bingo! it worked, the first time I got 1 fish and then the second time, 2 fish. So off we set home with fish for Daddy! and tadpoles for Show and Tell.
Besides that we have been busy packing kits today.

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Sarah said...

Gee Michelle the girls are growing up fast!!!. So cute that they like to go fishing...Bruno must be

It seems i never get to see you anymore and i really miss that side of my old job. Must organise a catch up coffee somewhere soon..OK

Take care