Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anzac Day

Yesterday was such a great day. Bruno is in the Army Reserve so every year he marches down St kilda Road and The Girls, Nonna and I go in to watch him.

So up early we were to get to the city. The girls love it, they stand on the side waving flags. Maddy always seems to attract the attention of a lot of old veterans, they stop to give her a big wave and throw lollies out to the girls. Besides going to see Daddy march, they love watching everyone. It also makes you appreciate everything some people gave up, just so we can have a future.

So I have to share this picture of us together after the march.

As we where walking back from the Shrine, the Airforce jets flew over and gave Maddy such a fright she yelled, "You silly buggers". What a reaction!

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