Saturday, April 7, 2007

April Collection is now on Site!

Our April collection is now up on the website. With very pretty but bright papers, some bling, versatile Chipboard, it is jam packed to keep you very busy! Click here to view more. Kits are on sale now. Direct deposits are due and all credit cards are charged on the 15th.
I hope everyone is having a safe and well Easter. It has certainly been very buy for us.
I took the girls down to see my parents at the start of the week, I was originally going to wait until Easter itself, but my 2 nieces where going to be there, and seeing as the cousins really don't get to see each other very much, we changed our plans and went earlier.
Then on Thursday we headed of back home, left at 10am, got back to Melbourne, unpacked and then repacked, did the groceries ( not a good idea with 2 little tired girls that had already traveled for 5 hours) came back home packed everything in the car, then left for Eildon. Which we arrived at 10pm! what a day, but considering it took us a whole 12 hours with traveling, packing etc; the girls where very good. So will stay up here for a couple of days.
However I will not be surprised if Maddy my overly confident 3 year old hurts herself.... Yesterday I was sitting down having a cup of coffee and heard "Hello Mummy" I look up and she is on the tractor with the owner of the park. Then later again I look up and here she is standing up on the back of her cousins bike.. then later I am walking past a tree, look up and here she is sitting up there. Atleast she is having fun!

I would also like to welcome Angie Naumowicz from Newcastle who will be a Gust Designer for the next few months. Angie has done some amazing layouts with this months kit.

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