Thursday, December 7, 2006

Gallery Online

Our December Gallery is now online. The Design Team have done a marvellous job and all their work is beautiful!

I just had to share my lovely day I shared with Carly and Maddy, after dancing I decided to take them to see Santa! So off we went to Myer at Chadstone, and what a lovely Santa he was, such patience. Carly was straight to him, telling him that she wanted a trampoline, he was so good, he told her that because he was such a busy man she would have to ask her Daddy to help set it up! Maddy was a bit scared at first and decided to hide behind her hands. But after a lot of Santa's patience she came around and asked him if she was going to receive a little Teddy of him like she did last year. Now I think that is amazing, she was 3 in June so she actually remembers last year when she was on 2 1/2! After a few photo's we got this good one.

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