Friday, December 15, 2006

Catch Up On Time

What a week, I can''t believe I haven't posted in over a week.
Have been really busy! Have packed January kits to go out to the deisgn team. Ordered Febuary kits now, because of the Christmas break. All December Kits are packed and ready to be posted. Today all subscriptions have been charged!!
But personal life has also been extremely busy, my 5 year old Carly seems to be invited to every party at kinder, we had 4 this week to go to! Then with Christmas in 10 days, I never feel like I am quite prepared for this! But I do think I have finished the shopping. I just need to lay out the girls presents and check them all. They are getting a trampoline from Santa, but it is the little things for the sack.
Carly and Maddy had their dance concert last Friday night, I was so proud of them both, they got up on the stage and really did well.
Last Tuesday, I was looking after my best friends daughter Joey,who is 21 months old, but I had to go to buy the ribbon for the kits , so another friend of ours looked after her for a few hours. Now Joey can be quite active, but when I went to pick her up, I rang the door bell and all I could here was a child screaming, I just thought one of Anna's boys had hurt them self. Then, still at the door I hear Anna saying "oh my god", then she answers the door with Joey in her arms crying. Anna is looking very distressed and then tells me that Joey wanted to play outside, but she hold told her not now Michelle is coming to pick you up. But Joey had other things in mind and had ran straight to the sliding door and right into it and broken it! But amazingly enough she had not cut her head, she was a bit out of it though. The door did previously have a crack in it though, but now it was completely broken! I just thought OMG, especially when it is not your child but someone else's. I had no idea what to do, so I put ice on it and did not put her down for her sleep that day, I was to worried that she might have some after effect. How lucky was she though? So the I had to tell her mum what had happened. But things worked out fine, George was really good about it and joey was fine! So that was a day in itself!
Thanks for stopping by.


Rach Scholz said...

Hey chick! Life is busy ATM isn't it! We must catch up soon. Love Decembers kit, can't wait to see what you did for Jan :)

Chat soon, Merry Christmas & Bruno and the girls if we don't chat before. Send them all my love..



Kim said...

Waving Hi Michelle :)
Dropped by to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.
Cheerio Kim.

Marianne Pollock said...

Hi Michelle,
How do we view the sketches and hints & Tips? The site looks great and I am so pleased it has been a success for you. Can't wait for Sissey in 2007! Marianne.

Sarah said...

HI Michelle,
Merry Christmas to you and your family..

All the best for 2007.

Take care