Monday, June 23, 2008

A Busy Week!

I Just LOVE Birthdays and cannot help myself, my baby Maddy turned 5 last Thursday and it seems all we have had is party after party. It started with a little party at Kinder on Thursday and then family over that night. Then Sunday she had a fairy party at Fields of fairies in Berwick. How great it was, evverything was all done for me and no mess to clean up afterwards. They have a litttle room for the children to play in and a fairy entertains them all the time, I had to do nothing. Maddy and carly had a great time. As usual she got lots of presents, but her favourite on is her skates from my dear friend george (she wanted to sleep in them). So here are some of my favourite pics form the last couple of days. Oh, yes and the cake was made from my very talented friend Debbi Ucar, thanks Deb. Of course cannot forget about the curls she has had to have everyday!
June Tips and Ideas will be up on the website tomorrow.


Marianne said...

too cute - those skates, why didn't I have some when I was little!

lybunlin said...

Hi! baby How are you and your family today?

Ann Lederhose said...

What a wonderful time you've all been having. Birthdays are so much fun!!! Happy birthday to the birthday girl!