Monday, February 11, 2008

He is finally Home!

After 4 weeks Bruno is finally home! Besides being a Policeman, Bruno is also in the Army Reserves, and the unit he is with travels around and trains others in new equipment or how to shoot better. This has been one of the longest times he has been away and the girls and I really missed him. They were so excited they where counting down the hours. He rarely takes photo's when he is away, but this time he did. This is the only photo of him taken, I am not really sure what he is suppose to be doing, looks klike it may be a posed photo to show the girls the Kangaroos!
So we have a very happy household here tonight, I am cooking his favourite. I must say when he is gone I really do see how much he does for us all.

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Brenda said...

Hey Michelle
Great photo! My husband used to work away alot.... and I know sometimes it can be a lonely existance, and you're right it does make you appreciate them more.