Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Baby is 6!

I cannot believe how quickly the past 6 years have gone! It seems like only yesterday she was born, crying all night and I could not get any sleep. Now she is all grown up. Carly is now 6 years old and growing up to be such a young lady. She had her birthday party at a mini golf centre, which she loves. The children had a ball and it was such an easy party, just had to show up on the day and then leave, nothing much to organise, very relaxing. She chose out a Ladybird cake, because she just loves bugs, but when it came to the time of the cake none of the kids wanted to eat it! Oh well lots of cake for Bruno!


sarah said...

HOw cute is she. She has grown up so so much.

Happy Birthday to Carly

Hope you are enjoying the holidays too

take care

Marianne said...

Happy Birthday Carly, Looks like you all had fun!

Jodi said...

Love this photo!!! those girls are too cute... love the crinkle look (Oh, i rememeber back in the day 1984-Crinkle was the go and we actually ironed with a clothes iron our hair straight!!!)
Michelle you look just like i imagined you would... how cool is that!!!
Hopey ou had a great birthday Carly!!