Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fairy Party Time!

I hope everyone had a great Long weekend. We went to Eildon and it was very cold, But the girls had a ball!
Maddy, my baby is 4 next week! I cannot believe how quick it has gone. I have been busy trying to organise her party. Because she really believes she is a fairy, she is having a fairy party. I have arranged for a fairy to come, she will be so excited. She has a new dress that just makes her look like a fairy princess. I will post a picture later of her in it, because I am too scared to put it on her now because she won't take it off!
Tonight I thought I would start cooking and make little cakes and put them in the freezer and then all I would have to do was ice them. The problem was that I am not a good cook and the recipe said 5 eggs, but when I cracked it open it was a double yoker, so this set it off for me, do I count this as 1 egg or 2 or 1 1/2, but the second egg was also a double yoker, so I have guessed and counted these 2 eggs as 3! Will let you know how they turn out. Now I need to find other food. I now remember why I normally have the parties at Play Centres. At least she is excited!
I will be uploading imaged to the gallery tonight!

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Tammy James said...

LOL about the eggs Michelle I can see what a dilema it would be.